I have been a PCB designer for more than 25 years. I have worked for companies like HP, Honeywell and Tektronix along with successfully managing my own Consulting business for over 10 years.

I can effectively communicate and understand the entire design process from Engineer Schematic entry, part creation, maintain libraries, layout with manufacturing and testing considerations for best design practices and acceptable design standards.

I understand the fundamental concepts of signal integrity, EMI, controlled-impedance, differential pairs, equal lengths, delay lines, high-speed digital and analog designs.

PCB Design tools Altium Designer, PADS Power PCB, P-CAD, CAMtastic, IPC Certified.


  • Owner - PCB Design Consultant at Creations


  • Printed Circuit Designer at Honeywell
  • Sr. PCB Designer/Project Lead at Lighthouse Digital Systems
  • Sr. PCB Designer at Benchmark Design
  • Sr. PCB Designer at Tektronix, Grass Valley Products
  • Sr. PCB Designer/Digitizer/Drafter at Hewlett-Packard


Altium Designer, PADS Power PCB, P-CAD, CAMtastic


  • IPC Certified
  • AAI for Electronic drafting  


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